03 December 2012

See u at #TwtUpKCH 2012

We are proud to announce that we will participate in TweetMarket@Tweet Up Kuching 2012 (#TwtUpKCH 2012). Come & Visit our booth!
More details at http://twtupkch.com/

29 October 2012

Anger Barometer

Yes, we all have different range of anger. Some people are always calm while others would get upset over a lousy joke. Some may be able to laugh at themselves over a silly situation but some may get mad and seriously offended. Me? It depends.

I used to be a temperamental person in recent years but now, I think I’ve toned down a bit. After 3 kids, I complain less, have somewhat attained that couldn’t-care-less attitude and am more forgiving now. Thanks to my recent ‘hijrah’ which I’ll blog about later. 

However, we are after all just human. Imperfect. And full of flaws.

Last week, something happened at the office which has left me baffled, disappointed and furious. I was stabbed and treated unfairly. And it hurts SO bad when I have to be nice and courtesy but instead I felt like throwing bricks at the person who did that to me. 

SO angry was I that it took almost 3 days to calm myself down and come to my senses. Astaghfirullah..

Next week, we’re going to have our section meeting where all officers would talk on their unit’s accomplishments and problems, in terms of projects and budgets. As much I wanted to lash that person during the meeting, I think I better not stoop low to her level by doing that. 

I’m now rehearsing my speech so I could voice out my dissatisfaction regarding the issue. Without sounding bitter and hatred. Without losing my cool and professionalism. Please pray that it will go well for me :(

The bread and butter.

26 October 2012


Whenever I grow any kind of plants or flowers, they usually don't get to see the ray of light for long. Working in environment field doesn't necessarily mean I have green hands. That's why I don't like gardening. It's frustrating to know I'm responsible for the dying flora.

But it's a different kind of story with THESE flowers. A sugary kind of flowers. I know I'm not good at growing the living ones but I sure can grow these babies...

22 October 2012

We Are Four!

Empat. Cuatro. Shi. Four.

(source: google image)

Can you believe it? We turned 4 this month! It’s our 4th blogiversary you guys, and I’m so excited for this milestone! 

(source: google image)

If we were a kid, being 4 would mean the age of ‘grown up’ and attending a kindy already! Haha.. Big kid alright. But fact is, I haven’t considered myself a big kid in this industry. Yet. 

When you have a passion like mine, you came to learn that every creation is a learning process. Every opportunity is an experience to be shared. I was unequipped back in 2008. But gradually, I gained a lot through hard work, determination and strong will.

And of course, through YOU!  I wouldn’t have done it without you. I’m forever thankful to have such loyal readers and customers who’ve been so supportive and extremely kind to me. I heart you all!

So to mark our birthday, I have some goodies to give away. Just drop a comment under this entry (or just a simple ‘Hi!’) and stand a chance to win a gift from me. Easy peasy. 

Will upload more pictures of the gifts later. But here's one of them. Eda Cupcakes coffee mug :)

Till then. Keep the comments coming in!

14 October 2012

The First One

The first birthday of your child is always the grandest, the biggest and the most burning a hole in your pocket  awesome one.   

Mommies especially, will go to great lengths to ensure everything is in place for the party. That includes the birthday cake. 

Yup. An amazing, over-the-top birthday cake a child could ever wish for.

So when my friend Erin placed her order for this cake, it immediately brings back my own memories of hosting Ayra’s first birthday party way back in 2005. 

Like Erin, I too have decided to have a number 1 shaped cake for my daughter. At that time, online bakeries or cake blogshops were literally unheard of. Everyone orders from local bakery called T. So to the T bakery we went. 

But on the day I came to pick up the cake, my heart sank. 

Instead of making a number-1-shaped cake, they just simply drew a big  ‘1’ on that chocolate cake! 

 Disappointed :(
Ayra's 1st Birthday in 2005

When I confronted them, they said the baker just couldn’t make the cake I wanted. I knew they were either lazy or simply didn’t have the skill to do so. I went home with huge disappointment. I thought I would never set foot on that shop ever again.

And because of that, I vowed to myself that I will not settle for second best when it comes to my kids’ birthday cake. If my kid wants a Superman cake, I shall search high and low for THAT cake. If I can’t find it in local bakeries, then I will make it on my own! 

Yup, you guessed it right too. That’s what prompted me to start Eda Cupcakes. The none-existence of customized, novelty cakes in the market has triggered the idea of starting my own cake business.

You can never beat a feeling of contentment and satisfaction out of baking and decorating a dream cake for your kids. Who cares if the work is sloppy, as long as it comes from the heart (and made by your own 2 hands), it would mean a whole world to them. That’s for sure.

I used my own template and carved the cake. No special cake pan involved.

Pink Minnie Mouse theme. With ribbon bow and simple wording.

Thanks so much Erin. And Happy 1st Birthday to Hasya Ailenna!

Mia Familia

Admit it. How many times do we hug our kids in a day? 1, 2, 3 times? 

Or none?

Every night when I tucked my kids into bed, I make it a point to plant kisses, exchange hugs and say good night to each one of them. That’s 1. Another hug would be in the morning before they’re off to school/nursery and lastly, a final hug in the afternoon. So 3 hugs all together.

Sikitnya... Huhu...

Yes, we all love our family but have we shown them enough love? Have we told them enough ‘I Love You’s to really make them feel loved and cared? 

If the answer is no, then let’s start doing something. It’s better late than never. So gather your family for a nice treat. Or go somewhere for a picnic. Tell each one of them how much you appreciate the things they’ve done for you. Tell them how much you love and care about them.

Surely when we make someone happy, we’ll be much happier too. It’s a psychological effect.

I love my family no matter what. Rain or shine. Good or bad. *hugs*

A family that poses the same style together, stays together. Ihiks..!